To conserve and improve the environment and natural resources of the State.


To plan, coordinate, promote and oversee the environment conservation and enhancement programmes through environmentally compatible management practices and technologies.


  • Planning, coordinating, promoting and overseeing the environment, science & technology and pollution prevention, abatement and control activities and programmes for environment protection, conservation and enhancement by regulation, policy formulation, supervision and monitoring using innovative technologies.
  • Strengthening of environment awareness, assessment, advocacy and action by facilitating organized collection, collation and dissemination of environmental information.
  • Promote evaluation of environmental interventions through appraisal and assessment and benchmarking of standards.
  • To facilitate monitoring & evaluation, decentralized planning & decision making through web based GIS applications.
  • To deploy appropriate strategies for adaptation & mitigation of impacts of climate change including enhanced monitoring of glaciers & updation of glacial inventory.
Last modified date : 25-01-2019
Last Updated: 24/01/2023 - 16:20
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