Department of Environment & Scientific Technologies was set up on April 13, 2007 vide notification No. STE/Restructuring of ST,E,BT&PC (Vol-I)/2007 with an objectives to improve the effectiveness of environmental management, protect vulnerable ecosystems and enhance sustainability of development.

Vide Notification No. GAD(CC)-5-2/71 dated 15-10-2008 the name of the Department has been changed as Department of Environment, Science and Technology.

Office of Department of Environment, Science & Technology has been shifted to new building i.e. Paryavaran Bhawan, Near US Club in the month of July, 2014. Now the new office address will be Directorate of Enviornment, Science & Technologies, Press Villa, Paryavaran Bhawan, US Club Shimla-1. (Notification No. STE-F(11)-1/2013 dated 16/12/2014).

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