The Department of Environment, Science & Technology, GoHP is implementing a project on "My Waste My Wealth-  Project for setting up 8 Pilot Micro Demonstration Solid Waste Management Plan with financial and social sustainability on multidimensional, coordinated approach" under National Mission on Himalayan Studies (NMHS) sanctioned by the Ministry of Environment, Forest & Climate Change, Govt. of India. The objective of the proposed project is to improve public health and quality of life by developing environmentally and financially sustainable systems for solid waste management in Himachal Pradesh include the following:

  1. Develop new environmentally safe and socially acceptable pilot demonstration micro SWM facilities at eight selected locations;
  2. Develop legal and regulatory frameworks at the local level;
  3. Improve municipal financial management and cost recovery systems so as to guarantee the sustainability of urban SWM;
  4. Ensure the positive social impact of the new SWM system on the waste pickers;
  5. Establish local and municipal mechanisms for minimization and recycling;  

The following 8 locations are being developed under the NMHS project:

  1. Municipal Council Theog (Municipal Solid Waste =1.8 tons per day)
  2. Nagar Panchayat Narkanda (Municipal Solid Waste = 0.80 tons per day)
  3. Nagar Panchayat Kasol (Municipal Solid Waste=0.50 to 1 tons per day)
  4. Gram Panchayat, Dharampur, Solan (Municipal Solid Waste=0.50 to 5 tons per day)
  5. Municipal Council Sarkaghat, Mandi, (Municipal Solid Waste 1.5-2 tons per day)
  6. Temple committee at Chintpurni Temple (Kitchen waste 50 to 200 kg/day)
  7. Temple committee at Naina Devi Temple (Kitchen waste 50 to 200 kg/day)   
  8. Temple Maa Bala Sundari, Trilokpur, Nahan Temple (Kitchen waste 50 to 200 kg/day)

In addition to above, 2 more locations have been selected for Municipal Solid Waste Management plants as per budget announcement of the State Government:

  1. Municipal Council Joginder Nagar, (Municipal Solid Waste =2-2.5 tons/day)
  2. Nagar Panchayat Baijnath-Paprola, (Municipal Solid Waste =3-4 tons/day)


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