1. To develop/modify/adapt new technologies in any area relevant to the State of Himachal Pradesh.
  2. To disseminate and propagate new technologies for improvement of scientific intervention in developmental needs in the State.
  3. To create new databases with the use of modern technologies.
  4. To develop appropriate technologies for use in the State of Himachal Pradesh.
  5. Propagation of use of Space Technology to develop models for optimum use of resources that promote alternative sustainable mode of development.
  6. To enhance scientific and technical capacity and infrastructure in the State.
  7. To develop effective liaison with national and international scientific institutions.
  8. To evolve Science & Technology Policy for The State.
  9. To address issues like:- Organic Pollution, Research and Development, Clean Technologies, Carrying Capacity studies, Life cycles, Sustainable Development, Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering.
  10. To direct efforts towards evolving and establishing industrial and technological linkages.
  11. Establishing efficient State-wide system of scientific and technological information.
  12. To promote the role and importance of science & technology in socio-economic development.
  13. Promoting relevance of science towards society and enhancing gender equality in participation of S&T input.
  14. Promote conclusion, linkages and networking among S&T institutions including Universities, Industry, Research and Development, NGO and the Government Sector.
  15. Undertake capacity building programmes to promote emerging technologies under science popularisation programme.
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