1. Formulation and implementation of Bio-Technology Policy in the State.
  2. Strengthening of Human Resource and existing infrastructure in Bio-Technology and its continuous improvement for generating skilled manpower in Bio-Technology and Technological upgradation of R&D Institutes and Universities within the State.
  3. Promotion of Bio-Technology and Bio-informatics based activities for entrepreneurship development and employment generation in the State with emphasis on industries based on local bio-resource including forest/animal genetic resource and tissue culture.
  4. Generation of resources from Government of India and international donors for promoting emerging technologies in Bio-Technology.
  5. Establishment of Bio-Technology incubation facilities in private/public/joint sectors.
  6. Setting up of Bio-Technology parks and Bio-Technology Industrial Clusters at various locations in the State.
  7. Diversification of farming through introduction of superior and disease free improved genotypes, development of protocols and their refinement for commercial production (including medicinal and aromatic herbs, orchids and other ornamental plants).
  8. To attract small entrepreneurs and other industrial houses for making investments in Bio-Technology bases ventures in the State.
  9. Development of marketing network for products based on Bio-Technology at national as well as international level.
  10. Establishment of Joint Venture Companies (JVCs) with private investors/other organizations with an integrated approach from laburatory to industry and market.
  11. Creation of Venture Capital Fund for promotion of Bio-Technology based business.
  12. Setting up of facility for organic certification in the State.
  13. Implementation of Rules for manufacture use, import, export and storage of hazardous micro-organisms genetically engineered organisms cells or crops.
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