Government of Himachal Pradesh

Department of Environment, Science & Technology


No. STE-A (1)-1/2010                    Dated: Shimla-2           21st April, 2016.


In exercise of the powers vested under Section 3 of the HP Public Services Guarantee Act, 2011, the Governer, Himachal Pradesh is pleased to notify the following services, Designated Officers and Appellate Authorities there under for providing the services within the prescribed time limits relating to the Department of Environment, Science & Technology, Himachal Pradesh for the purpose of the above said Act:-


Title of Services

Designated Officers

Time limit for providing service

Designation of 1st Appellate Authority

Designation of 2nd Appellate Authority


Provide support to the R & D proposals to Research Institutions in the State

Principal Scientific Officer( Biotechnology)

2 months from the date of submission of proposals.

Director, Environment, Science & Technology,HP.

State Information Commissioner


Rendering service as State Coordinator for the State Environment Impact Assessment Authority and State Expert Appraisal Committee to receive process and dispose off the applications of different project proponents under EIA Notification, 2006 for grant of Environmental Clearance.

Principal scientific Officer(Environment)

As per provisions of EIA Notification,2006

Director, Environment, Science & Technology,HP.

State Information Commissioner



Rendering service as Head of Environment Division of the Department to receive process and dispose off the applications, complaints, project proposals under Environment (Protection) Act, 1986.

As per provisions of Environment (Protection), Act, 1986.






To Prepare, implement projects proposal for benefit of public to deal with impacts of climate change seeking National, bilateral, multilateral findings.


As per time lines of different projects.




Work with regard to EIA/EMP, Form-I etc. for the grant of EC to the project proposal

Senior Environment Officers

Under the provisions of the EIA Notification dated 14.9.2006, within 105 days of the receipt of the  final Environment Impact Assessment Report and where EIA report is not required of the complete application with requisite documents with certain conditions as provided in the EIA Notification

Director, Environment, Science & Technology,HP




By Order

                                                            Pr. Secretary (Env.S & T) to   the      

Government of Himachal Pradesh.

Endst.No. As Above.                                      Dated: Shimla-2,                    21st  April, 2016.

Copy for information and necessary action is forwarded to:-

  1. The secretary to governor, Himachal Pradesh, Raj Bhawan, Shimla-2
  2. The Pr. Secretary to Chief Minister,HP, Shimla-2
  3. The Sr. Private Secretary to Chief Secretary, HP, Shimla-2.
  4. All Administrative Secretaries to the Govt.of HP, Shimla-2
  5. The Secretary (Admn. Reforms) to the Govt. of HP, Shimla-1.
  6. The Director, Environment, Science & Technology Deptt., Shimla-2
  7. The Controller (Printing), HP Govt. Press, Ghora Chowki, Shimla-5 for publication in the Rajpatra.
  8. Director, NIC, H.P. Secretariat, Shimla-2.
  9. Guard file.
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