Noise pollution is becoming one of the big problem day by day affecting the human lives in many ways. Noise pollution is the pollution caused by the high and unsafe level of noise in the environment causes lots of health disorders to the human beings, animals and plants. In cities unnecessary honking is one of the major cause of sound pollution. In order to educate & aware masses about the ill effects of noise caused by unnecessary honking and to reduce noise pollution in urban areas Department of Environment, Science & Technology has started awareness campaign initially from Shimla & Manali Town. In cities unnecessary honking is one of the major reason for sound pollution. 

The Hon'ble Chief Minister, Himachal Pradesh launched this state wide "HORN NOT OK" campaign from Shimla on 3rd August, 2018 and has also started the Mobile App "ShorNahin" developed for the convenience of the Citizen of Himachal Pradesh to report any Noise Pollution occurrence to the authorities for corrective measures. On this occassion IEC material & stickers on sound pollution were released by the Hon'ble Chief Minister. 

Last modified date : 12-12-2022
Last Updated: 24/01/2023 - 16:20
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